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ShuShuKen Inc.

MUZINA Chrysanthemum pattern.

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Animal fur-like chrysanthemum pattern. Muzina means racoon dog. Flower petals are scattered all over the place looks like a racoon dog's fur, so it is called Muzina Kiku (chrysanthemum). Soft tone but patterns are so gorgeous…

Original antibiotic case is attached.


  • This product does not perform functions of dust mask or gas mask.
  • We are using high quality silk and fine cotton, however, in the case reactions such as stinging and rash on the skin occur, or feel discomfort, do not continue use and consult a doctor.
  • This is hand washable product, For details, please refer to our instruction "How to wash WANOMASKS”
  • Avoid continuous use and wash once a day.
  • Please be careful of heat stroke when using the mask in the summer.
  • Due to hygiene and quality reasons, we do not accept any returns or exchanges.