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Float fishing earrings/ Silver

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モチーフ、ピアス金具、連結素材ともに全てシルバー(Silver 925)を使用しています。



サイズ:全長 約8.5cm


重量: 約2g(片耳)


ピアス金具:シルバー(Silver 925)


【Floating Fishing Earrings/ Silver】

Earrings with the image of floating fishing. The motif, pierced earrings metal fittings are all made of silver (Silver 925).

* Please read the instructions supplied with the product before use.


Size: Length approx. 8.5cm 

Motif size (include Swarovski crystal) : Approx. 4cm

Weight: approx. 2g (One side of earring)

Materials: 【Motif】Silver 

Metal fittings of earrings: Silver(Silver925)