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Sterling Silver CAKE CUTTER【Water Flow】

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【木箱】(縦×横×高さ)約11.5cm×4.5cm×2.6cm (通常配送以外付属)

重量: 【菓子切り】約10g  



素材: 【菓子切り】純銀  



(重要) 配送方法について




Silver sweets cutter with water flow motif.

It is used for cutting sweets during tea ceremony. Original cutter case made from two different silk fabrics is attached.  Not only for sweets cutter, but you can use it for paper knife.

*No individual sales. Sold by set only.

Sizes: 【Cutter】(Length×Width) Approx. 9.1cm×0.7㎝

【Case】(Length×Width) Approx. 9.5cm×2.2cm

【Wooden Box】(Length×Width×Depth) Approx. 11.5cm×4.5cm×2.6㎝ 

Weights: 【Cutter】Approx. 10g 【Case】Approx. 5g  【Wooden Box】Approx. 20g

Materials: 【Cutter】Silver 【Case】Silk woven fabrics