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URUSHI COMB -Japanese boxwood -【TS21Ja01R-2】

URUSHI COMB -Japanese boxwood -【TS21Ja01R-2】

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サイズ: 【櫛】縦×横 約4cm×18cm   【櫛入れ】縦×横 約6.5cm×19cm

重量: 【櫛】約27g     【櫛入れ】約13g

素材: 【櫛】柘植 【櫛入れ】表地: 絹織物100%  裏地: 綿100%


A flat type Tuge (boxwood) comb with water flow pattern Maki-e decoration. This comb is 18cm long.
 It does not generate static electricity and does not damage the hair when brushing.

It comes with a Sanjiku silk case and makes a great gift. 

Size: 【Comb】Hight×Width Approx.4cm×18cm 

        【Case】Hight×Width Approx.6.5cm×19cm 

Weight: 【Comb】Approx.27g  【Case】Approx.13g

Materials: 【Comb】Boxwood  【Case】Outer:Silk 100% Inner: Cotton 100%


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