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Sukiya Bag【ks06-02】

Sukiya Bag【ks06-02】

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サイズ: (縦×横×奥行)約15.5cm×23.5cm×2cm

重量: 約65g

素材: 表地/絹織物  裏地/絹織物


*This product cannot be delivered by Takkyubin Compact. Please select Letterpack Plus or Yu-Pack as the delivery method. (This option available only in Japan.)




SUKIYA Bag is usually used to carry small items for tea ceremony.

You can also carry A5 size items, use it as a tablet computer case or a clutch bag.

Surface is made by Sanjiku silk textile and lining is Nishijin silk textile.

Each lining pattern is different.


Size: (Length×Width×Depth) Approx 15.5cm×23.5cm×2cm

Weigh: Approx 65g

Materials: Surface/ Silk    Lining/ Silk


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