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ShuShuKen Inc.

Lacquered Photo frame (Sakura Cherry blossoms)

Lacquered Photo frame (Sakura Cherry blossoms)

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サイズ:縦×横×奥行  約22cm×18cm×1cm      

支え棒:長さ7cm 直径約0.8mm

重量: 約285g



The gold cherry blossom motif gives this photo frame a glamorous look.

Ideal for school entrance, coming of age, wedding and baby gifts.

It can hold a postcard size photo.

Available in two colours: black and vermilion.


Size: Length×Width×Depth  Approx. 22cm×18cm×1cm  

Support rod: Length 7cm  Diameter Approx.0.8cm

Weight : Approx.285g

Materials: Wood, Cashew lacquered 



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