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【Matching】Kiredori Pattern

【Matching】Kiredori Pattern

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【京都正絹西陣織マスク】   *English is below.












素材:表地 絹100%         裏地 綿100%

重量:S /約6g M/約8g L/約10g




Kyoto Nishijin Silk face mask

Nishijin silk fabric is used for outer and cotton 100% is used for inner.

You can pass thorough your favorite ribbons or laces instead of straps.

The mask is delivered with straps untied so that you can adjust it yourself.

 * This product is sold as a set.. Click here to buy individual items. 


【Kiredori-Shosoin-Botanics pattern】

Fragment of fabric is called "KIRE".  The pattern of this fabric looks like as a patchwork various kinds of KIRE together. 

This style  called "KIRE-DORI MON" ,which is elegant geometric and botanical patterns are all around it.Light blue neat mask.

 Each one has slightly different pattterns and colours. 

*The textile name of “SHOSOIN” is come from SHOSOIN. It is an oldest treasure house, which built in Nara era (710-794) and

stored approximately 900 treasures in Nara prefecture , Japan

Available in sizes S, M and L.

S is a kids size.



Materials: Outer Silk 100%       Inner Cotton 100%

Weight: S /approx.6g M/approx.8g L/approx.10g

Made in Japan

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