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Chopsticks Natural wooden made

Chopsticks Natural wooden made

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サイズ: 長さ約22.5cm

重量: 約10g

素材: 黒壇・メープル・桜


These chopsticks are handmade by craftsmen in Kyoto and are made out of three different materials.

All of which are ethical, as they are made from the scraps of wood used to make furniture.
These chopsticks have the warmth of natural wood.

【Evony】It is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

The material is hard and durable and has been valued since ancient times as a treasure in the Shosoin Repository and as a secondary burial object in the pyramids.

It is one of the three most famous exotic non Japanese woods (rosewood, ebony and ironwood).

It is used for furniture, arabic crafts, Buddhist altars and musical instruments. The wood grows very slowly and is very rare and difficult to obtain in Japan.

【Maple】Maple is a wood with a whitish colour and a fine grain.

It is so strong that it is sometimes used for bowling lanes and is often used for flooring.

Maple is often referred to as the "pearl of wood" due to its smooth texture and is popular with those who prefer a simple interior design.

【Sakura(Cherry tree)】It is also known as Yamazakura or Honzakura.

It is used for a wide range of purposes such as high quality furniture, construction materials, musical instruments, utensils and carving materials.

The bark of the cherry tree is sometimes used to make kaba-zaiku, a type of handicraft.

*Origami chopstick cases  are  sample items. It is not included in this product.


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