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ShuShuKen Inc.

Doggy Necklace 【n21Wa01】

Doggy Necklace 【n21Wa01】

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*English is below.



by むくお専務(株式会社聚秀軒なんも専務取締役)



チャーム(縦×横×高さ)約2cm×1cm ×2cm

重量: 約15g





The motif of Mukuo the dog

Mukuo is our managing director (in charge of doing nothing) dog. 

“It has long legs, firm butt and handsome face… Our craftsman tried to reproduce it almost same as real me.  Do you wanna buy me now? “

by Mukuo (Executive Director of ShuShuKen Inc.)

*Please read the instructions supplied with the product before use.

Size: Chain Length approx. 60cm 

Motif size: Approx. 2cm×1cm×2cm (Length× Width×Hight )

Weight: approx. 15g

Materials: (Motif) Copper, coloured 

(Necklace chain & metal fittings) 14K Gold    


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