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Dragonfly Earrings silver 【ps21Sep02】

Dragonfly Earrings silver 【ps21Sep02】

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重量: 約3g(両耳)


ピアス金具:シルバー (Silver 925)





Dragonfly motif American chain earrings.

 Dragonflies have long been live in places rich in water and have been regarded as a messenger of the fertility god.

The dragonfly is also a symbol of luck, as it cannot fly backwards (it can only fly forwards), which means it is unyielding.

For this reason, they are sometimes called "winning insects".


Please read the instructions supplied with the product before use.

Size: Length approx. 14cm 

 *Dragonfly motif size: Approx. 3cm×2cm (Length× Width)

Weight: approx. 3g

Materials: 【Motif】Copper, coloured 【earring fittings】silver 925

Other: Swarovski crystals used.


*We particular about materials of earring fittings to prevent metal allergy.We are using silver 925 or 14kgf metal fittings.

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