Animal Protection Project

Original Key Cain



なまえ:バロン ♂





The motif is inspired by him

Name: Baron

Official position: The chief of the public relations department of ShuShuken Inc.

Previous job: Homeless cat

Birth place (or rescued place): Kyoto city, Japan

Age: Approx. 2 years old

Profile: In the hot summer in 2019, Shuichiro Yaguchi (Our CEO) found a poor cat in a park and rescued him. The cat was so skinny and sick and looked like almost die. Shuchiro took the cat to his place, brought to an animal hospital and fed him. He was suffering a cat cold, hypothermia and fungal infection etc.

After 3 months later, the cat recovered and became healthy and beautiful cat. He was named Baron at that time. Currently he is work with us as the chief of the PR department.


なまえ:むくお ♂






The motif is inspired by him:

Name: Mukuo

Official position: DNMG (The Doing Nothing Managing Director) of ShuShuken Inc.

Age: 11 years old

Profile: He is the one of the original members when our company was founded. He is additionally appointed as the leader of ShuShuken animal protection project.

He is mixed with a Chihuahua and a Pekinese. When our CEO (Shuichiro Yaguchi) visited a pet shop in 2010, he met a cute dog there. It was destined encounter. The dog was named Mukuo and became a member of Shuichiro’s family. Mukuo loves The Kyoto Imperial palace everyday walk and patrol. His favorite food is freshly cooked white rice.

Currently as the doing nothing managing director, take a nap everyday at the office.




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