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WAVOCA Trademark.<WAVOCAロゴマークとその銘の精神>

商標登録 第6438731号


About Our Original Brand 

【Trademark Registration No.6438731】

The company name “ShuShuken” is given by His eminence Arima Raitei, The chief abbot of Shokoku-ji Temple School of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism. It means “The place where excellent and high-quality products gather”. The brand name “WAVOCA” has almost same meaning as ShuShuKen. It is the coined word that comes from Japanese word WA, “Japanese-style” and Latin word VOCA “Collect/gather” in English.

ShuShuKen Inc. Teademark.
商標登録 第6427879号

屋号「聚秀軒(しゅうしゅうけん)」は、臨済宗相国寺派管長 有馬賴底猊下より銘々頂きました。その意味は「秀でた物が集まる場所」という意味です。


About Company Logo 

【Trademark Registration No.6427879 】

The logo is a design based on a part of our own hanging scroll, "elephant" by Ito Jakuchu (1716-1800), ink on paper. The elephant is a creature that has been associated with survival, prosperity and life since ancient times.