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Feel and See the Japanese Culture, to Convey and Continue Traditions.

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2021.5.1 [New Arrival]3JIKUORI Earrings 【ps21Ma01】【ps21Ma02】
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During Golden week, we will stop the shipping process. If we recived your order on this period, we will start shipping from 6th May 2021.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. (*It's a period of consecutive bank holidays in Japan.)

19 April 2021: Added a new information column.
(About Items)Added 3 new items which are 3JIKUORI Denim Original Purse【kp06-06】【kp06-07】【kp06-08】.
9 April 2021: WAVOCA ONLINESHOP Press released
31 March 2021:WAVOCA ONLINESHOPpre opened(until 8 April)
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KAZARI accessories

KAZARI, Traditional metal ornaments are very familiar in Japan. They are used for pull handles of Japanese sliding doors, nail cover ornaments, metal fittings of folding screens, furniture ornaments and so on. We made accessories from Craftsmen’s handmade ornaments.


Sterling silver confectionery

Cake Cutter made by Sterling silver. Special Japanese textile case is included.This item also can used as a paper cutter.

Incense holder

Handmade brass container of Zuko, the incense for applying to a priest's body or Buddha statue. Hand carved by craftsmen. We accept made to order containers.


Meet only one thing in the world ~ 3jikuori accessory series ~


SANJIKU-KUMIORI accessory seires are now renamed as 3JIKUORI, Please find your own one from a wide variety of colors.

3JIKUORI -Standard series-

3JIKUORI x Denim Original Purse

Purses made by beautiful piece of 3JIKUORI (THREE AXIS BRAID TEXTILES) fabrics and denim fabrics. Elegant and classy silk woven fabric and casual denim combinations are so unique. You can use them both dressed up and casual looks.


3JIKUORI Pierced Earrings

Handmade pierced earrings using pieces of 3JIKUORI (THREE AXIS BRAID TEXTILES )fabrics. Swarovski crystals are studded. 14KGF or Silver 925 are used for earring metal material.

3JIKUORI Earrings

Wood/paint/lacquer products

Traditional + Solid wood accessories-Chopsticks/Chashaku-

The tea spoon finished by a skilled craftsman using the remaining material of Brazilian rosewood.Handmade Chopsticks which made by ebony, cherrywood, maples are available.

Traditional +

Painted products-mirrors, photo stands, vessels-

Like a URUSHI laquuer products that are also useful as souvenirs in Japan. Our compact mirrors are easily carried and have a beautiful surface.


Traditional + genuine lacquer

Lacquer is one of the traditional industries in Japan. Since ancient times, lacquer has a high insect repellent effect, so it is still used in various treasures, treasures, Buddhist altars and buildings. Here, we introduce products using this lacquer.


WAVOCA-Origin and meaning of the name-

メディア等紹介記事|Media Coverage

【Japanese Only】
◆ 「今日より楽しい京都」を伝えることを目指し、京都が好きな人に愛される地域密着型の情報サイト「ゴ・バーンgo-baaan」で紹介されました。
◆ ファッション・ビューティ・ライフスタイル・ウエディングの最新情報サイトCLASSYクラッシィで紹介されました。
◆ 株式会社文藝春秋が運営するクレアウエッブCREAで紹介されました。

About ShuShuKen Inc.

SHUSHUKEN started from as a project called “Hyakunin-Hyakkyo”, one of a Kyoto city winter program which was held from the winter of 2005 to the spring of 2006. We participated in that event as an experimental project team based on Kyo-Machiya (Traditional Kyoto style house).

Since then, in every autumn between 2006 and 2010, we had continued that experimental project such as Hyogu (paper hang) workshops, demonstrations of a Buddhist statues sculptor, Kyo-kazari (Kyoto traditional metal work) and Kumiori (Traditional fabric making) which was organized by Japanese traditional crafts association.

After that, we set up a company in 2010 to continue projects for ourselves, also in order to be handed down historical records of Kyoto traditional industries to future generations. We also would like to introduce materials and products those are used in traditional industries through our business.

Our mission is rediscover values of Traditional arts and crafts, and take over it.